Lebogang Francis Sindani

Data Reviewer & Liaison Officer

Our Thorough Data Safeguard Intern

My Role at ADS.

In my role as the Data Reviewer, I'm like the data detective, making sure everything adds up perfectly. I meticulously check and double-check our information to keep it error-free and reliable, so we can make informed decisions with confidence.

And as the Liaison Officer, I'm the bridge that brings all our teams together. Whether it's coordinating projects or facilitating communication, I'm here to ensure that everyone feels connected and supported in our awesome company.

If I could be anything or anyone other than myself, what would it be?

I'd become a guardian angel.
Like the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, I'd dedicate myself to ensuring safety and justice for all. With a watchful eye and protective wings, I'd work tirelessly to create a world where everyone feels secure and protected.