Data Collection

We specialize in designing and developing data capture and display apps.

Data Collection and Display Apps

Using mobile applications to collect and display data is becoming increasingly popular because, compared to traditional paper-based solutions, they: 

  • Reduce manual effort (quicker to complete with things like drop-down list and auto-capture location)
  • Speed up the sharing of data
  • Reduce errors from misreading or mis-capturing
  • Allow for additional data to be captured such as GPS location, photo, video 
  • Provide enriched data to remote field staff such as sales reports, new tasks etc.
  • Enable administrators to receive notifications when new reports are submitted
  • Allow instant push notifications to be sent to field staff.

We have a lot of experience in developing data collection apps that are used by a range of client companies (such as Transnova, Roche, the Government of Ghana and Kagiso Trust) for sales, maintenance staff and members of the public. These typically include features such as:

  • Clean, simple design customisation
  • A range of question types including:
    • Photos 
    • Location 
    • Signature capture (finger-signing) 
    • Dropdown 
    • Multiple Choice 
    • Branch logic - so questions presented depend upon previous answers 
    • Mandatory and non-mandatory fields 
    • Remote updating of questions, so users do not have to download new versions of the app
    • Online/ offline synchronization so the app can work offline and then update when the user has a network or is on WIFI
    • Real-time display of results in the app, if applicable
  • The submitted data are stored in databases such as Firebase, Supabase or your own backend. Dashboards can be easily built using tools like Retool or exported to platforms such as PowerBI.
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