App Hosting

How we help to get apps approved and hosted on Google Play and the AppStore.

Getting your App Published

To get your app published on Google Play or the Apple iTunes AppStore you need to have an official developer account with them. Most of our clients use our developer account because there is normally no cost for this and it saves them the cost, time and effort of creating their accounts.

The process of getting an app submitted, approved and published is complex and one of the most common reasons development projects miss their deadlines. There are a lot of potential pitfalls such as:

  • Apple’s AppStore and Google Play have very strict rules and tests before they approve an app. Apple in particular will reject apps for many reasons such as (in simple terms): if it doesn't look good, if it doesn't function flawlessly, if it crashes, if it requires log-in for non-secure information, if it does the same as a website (or what a website could do), if it does the same as lots of other apps built on the same platforms. Through hard experience, we have learned how to get apps approved as quickly and seamlessly as possible. For example, we often submit apps for approval that are not quite complete so we can identify potential rejection reasons early on. 
  • Creating provisioning profiles, signing keys and distribution certificates and then compiling and signing apps is very complicated. Different processes are followed for Android and iOS (Apple).
  • Creating app permission manifests that are not correct (for example asking for permissions that the app doesn't use or need) will result in the app being rejected.
  • Apps now require Privacy Policies that are compliant with the App Store's rules, for example, GDPR or POPIA. We have templates for Privacy Policies that our clients often use.
  • There are a lot of mandatory fields for the App Store listing, for example, screenshots and app icons of specific dimensions, keywords, pricing policies, age certifications etc. Getting these wrong can result in the app being rejected and/ or the app not listing as high as it could have in-app search results.
  • Because we have been through the approval process so many times, we can help design, build, sign and submit your app for approval as quickly and painlessly as possible.
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