Responsive websites using Webflow or Shopify can be the best option.

Still have their place - don't rule out

Surely it's all about apps now?

Apps are not always the right solution. So let's play Devil's Advocate and ask you to think about these two customer experiences in the case your new business sells coffee cups.

Option 1 - launch an app. Potential customers  search on Google, not Google Play. So you'll probably need a website anyway or excellent App Store Optimisation so your app appears in Google search results. Then you must persuade them to go to their App Store, download your app (probably waiting until they are on free WIFI, so giving them plenty of time to forget to do so), install your app, open it, register, then buy. And if they don't have a smartphone they can't buy from you.

Option 2 - launch a mobile-friendly website. People search on Google, find your SEO website, then buy.

(Option 3 - sell via WhatsApp. But we digress…)

So why don't I just launch a website?

Apart from being very cool and putting your brand on your customer's screen, an app can do many things that a website can't. Here are just a few: use GPS; upload media easily from galleries; work offline; receive push notifications; have enhanced security features (for example fingerprint); store payment information; and there are many more.

Do you build websites?

Yes. A lot of them. These range from search engine-optimized (SEO) app marketing websites to provide information about the app and download links (we often use WebFlow to build beautiful sites such as this one quickly and cost-effectively) to eCommerce websites (we like Shopify and are official Shopify Experts) to web-based admin or registration platforms to support apps.

How will I know if it's the right option?

We will recommend the right approach and platform based on your requirements and the relative strengths of the different platforms.

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