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Too many app owners think getting the app published takes them over the finish line. However, having a smart marketing plan to raise awareness from launch is essential to give your app a fighting chance. We provide marketing services to our clients in many different areas:

  • The best practice in terms of App Store Optimisation (ASO) is to get your app as high up the App Store listings as possible to drive organic growth. 
  • Advising clients in terms of app naming, app icons, keywords, launch strategies focused on specific segments or areas, and how to generate publicity and win awards (we have many connections in the influencer industry). 
  • Creating "explainer" and "app preview" videos or animations to quickly get the core purpose of the app across in a format that can be easily shared.  
  • Purchasing domains and building app websites using best practices for web design such as being responsive, search engine optimized, having app download links, videos, testimonials, screenshots etc.
  • Installing marketing and analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Facebook Pixel, AppsFlyer, and MailChimp in your website and apps.

But we can’t do everything.

Creating paid marketing campaigns, like Google or Facebook Ads, for your app can be a great way to improve awareness. To use them effectively and cost-efficiently requires a lot of experience, ongoing training and day-to-day management to constantly measure and refine your campaigns. This is not our area of expertise so we recommend either freelancers or agencies to our clients based on their specific needs and budget.

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