Learn and collaborate with our experienced industry professionals who have learned what makes an app, bot or AI business a success.

Learn and collaborate with our experienced industry professionals who have learned what makes an app, bot or AI business a success.

120+ Apps

500,000+ Downloads 

60 Prototypes

Winners of Multiple International Awards

We know how to build profitable app businesses.

We started out building apps just for ourselves over eight years ago. 120+ apps later, we have partnered with many amazing businesses to launch their successful apps and still manage our own portfolio of award-winning apps.

We have learned (the hard way!) the requirements for an app project to be successful and work closely with our partner clients to guide them through the process including: 

Free Quotations

Please complete our short questionnaire to receive an estimate. We normally reply within 24 hours. We may require additional information.

Free Consultations

We are happy to discuss your app, bot or AI idea and bounce ideas on a call where we can share our expertise, including on tech stacks, potential low code and AI options to develop an MVP.


We can participate in or run workshops at your premises or ours to brainstorm and discuss your ideas and share international best practices and strategy.

Prototype and Proof of Concept Development

Depending on your specific project requirements, our team of UX/UI designers can work with you to define the user stories, perform competitor analysis and inspiration, design wireframes and create a stunning UI. Or our development team can take on the unique technical aspect of your app and show it can work. Both approaches can help you secure the investment or stakeholder buy-in you require.

Code Audit

If you have an existing app but are looking to enhance it or outsource it we can analyse it and make recommendations.

Business Cases and Plans

Collaborate with us to build realistic financial forecasts and plans that can be presented to investors.

MVP definition

Based on our knowledge of user expectations, competitive products and cost-/revenue-drivers let's thrash out your Minimum Viable Proposition together.

Monetisation Models

Understand and model the different ways to make money from apps including paid apps, in-app purchases, "freemium" models, advertising, commission and cost savings.

Intellectual Property

We can advise you on whether your idea can be patented and, if so, help you with your application.

Competitive Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of what your competitors currently offer and what they charge. Receive insights on international trends, best practices and pricing.

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