Our low-cost, flexible pricing model

To get a quick estimate of the costs of your project, complete our short questionnaire so we can get back to you with a quote.

Our pricing model is very flexible, depending upon the nature of your requirements - you may prefer to pay by the hour or have the certainty of a fixed price for a project implentation. Your app may only require an upfront build or there may be ongoing maintenance costs. What we can do is make five promises.

  1. Low Cost - Our combination of local and offshore development teams means we can chose the most cost-effective option based on your project requirements and budget. Where we believe there are good alternatives such as third party platforms/ SaaS models to reduce initial costs we will let you know.
  2. Best Value - Because we've worked on so many apps over the years, we understand how to minimise costs through smart project management, prototyping, version control, extensive testing, building to the store's requirements. We appreciate many of our clients are bootstrapping start-ups and try to minimise initial development costs.
  3. Make it a Success - One of our mottos is "we only work on successful apps". We'd rather build long-term relationships with successful clients who will want enhancements for years to come than them spending too much on initial development costs or with a poor business model. That is why we offer all our clients as much advice as we can based on our experience.
  4. No Hidden Costs - Unfortunately many developers deliberately under-quote the costs of a project in the knowledge that once they've started you are stuck with them. In fact almost half of our new clients are those that have fallen out with their current developer. We don't do this - we're in the business of building long-term relationships so we don't want to win a project only to disappoint later.
  5. It is Free to Talk to Us - We know that choosing a developer is a very big decision for you. So we're more than happy to spend time telling you what we think the best approach to your project is and the likely costs. This is just part of business development for us. We have told many potential clients that they actually don't need an app but that a much cheaper, quicker, mobi-friendly website is a better option!

Pricing Options


  • Standard managed developer rate
  • Flexibility and control
  • Good for small projects
  • Depends upon skill type
  • Discountable for large projects


  • Standard managed developer rate
  • Good for support/enhancements
  • Priorities agreed monthly
  • Marketing, Servicing available
  • Discountable for large retainers


  • Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Business Case preparation
  • Implementing 3rd party solutions
  • Ad hoc support