Spend your marketing budget smartly

Too many app owners think getting the app published takes them over the finish line. But having a smart marketing plan to raise awareness from launch is essential to give your app a fighting chance. We provide marketing services to our clients in many different areas:

  • Best practice in terms of App Store Optimisation (ASO) to get your app as high up the App Store listings as possible to drive organic growth.
    • Advising clients in terms of app naming, app icon, keywords, launch strategies focused on specific segments or areas, how to generate publicity and win awards (we have many connections amongst the influencer industry).
    • Creating "explainer" and "app preview" videos or animations to quickly get the core purpose of the app across in a format that can be easily shared. You can see an example here.
    • Purchasing domains and building app websites using best practices for web design such as being responsive, search engine optimised, having app download links, videos, testimonials, screenshots etc.
    • Setting up social media pages and providing basic training on how to use them to raise public awareness.
    • Creating paid social media (such as Facebook Ads, Instagram) and Google Ads on the Google Search and Google Play. We utilise a lot of best practices for online marketing such as Facebook Pixel SDKs, Conversion Tracking, Remarketing and A/B testing to ensure you maximise the monetary return on your marketing dollars.
      • Tracking app performance via the Google Analytics SDK as well as App Store reporting.

We can work on a retainer basis with a fixed budget or provide hourly consulting for the above services.