The Backend

Nearly all apps require a database, APIs, administration panels, reporting, content storage and third party integrations that need to be hosted somewhere. In fact usually the app is "just" the front end to capture and display content, whereas the real "thinking" is being done through the "brains" in the backend.

It is essential to the success of your app that your database is secure, high-performing and scalable. The risks of a security breach, slow performance or a crashing app are devastating for all apps. With the advent of legislation such as POPI and GDPR app owners have a lot more responsibility over protecting user data.

The good news that there are many low-cost cloud-based hosting options available that can provide the worldclass security, backup, performance and scalability that your app requires. Gone are the days of running it all off a server sitting in the corner of the office!

We provide a range of hosting solutions for our clients on our own servers or setting up their own servers (so they retain all data ownership) utilising international cloud-based platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud and GoDaddy.